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Foster, Victoria, Australia

Foster is a unique town and a beautiful place to live, featuring residents and visitors of all ages and backgrounds and of diverse interests.

Foster was the site of a small gold rush in the 1870s and there are memorials to commemorate the town's gold mining history located in Pearl Park which is a lush reserve that surrounds the Stockyard Creek and features BBQ facilities and a footbridge. 

The township is famous for farmers and craft markets, the Great South Rail Trail (walking, riding and running track), easy access to 'the prom' and a burgeoning shopping village with computer repairs, art galleries, the Foster Museum, hardware shop, library, historic Exchange Hotel (built in 1907), locally owned and operated supermarkets, op shop and RSL. The township also has expansive medical/care facilities including a large general practice, a dentist located in the centre of town, a hospital and aged care.

Foster is a small rural service town in a dairying and grazing area. It is around 20 km north of the beautiful Gippsland coastline which includes Shallow Inlet, Corner Inlet, Waratah Bay, Yanakie and Wilsons Promontory. 

Foster is located 174 km south-east of Melbourne via the South Gippsland Highway.